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Welcome to AppliTek

Process industries, environmental protection agencies and EPC contractors across the globe rely on our expertise in on-line analysis, testing equipment and monitoring solutions, with routine and exotic applications stretching out to numerous sectors.

Masters in analytical technology.  AppliTek has become the company on which industries such as the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, the Chlor-alkali and the Water industries rely, in the development, manufacturing and commissioning of on-line analyzer systems. The AppliTek single-source approach is your key to full process control, from sampling to measurement. With our remarkable innovative strength, our worldwide presence and our obligation to act in a sustainable way, we provide answers to the toughest monitoring challenges of our time.

New product highlight: EnviroLyzer® Series II

AppliTek launches a redesign of the EnviroLyzer® Series of Water Analyzers and further builds on the success of this genuine analyzer platform. No less than 62 chemical parameters are now available to choose from...

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