Alayees Trading Co. from Kuwait wins AppliTek trophy

Alayees Trading Co. from Kuwait wins AppliTek trophy

Published: 6/10/2008 3:56:00 PM

Picture, from left to right: David Laurier, Kamagurka, Marc Coucke, Adnan Al Falah


In the presence of the famous Belgian artist Kamagurka and his mecenas entrepreneur Marc Coucke of the stock-listed OTC company Omega Pharma, Mr. Adnan Al Falah has won the price of best achiever 2007 for AppliTek.

As a token of our gratitude for Mr. Al Falah's efforts and results in the Kuwaiti market, a lithography of "Bassie and Mondriaan" made by Kamagurka has been gifted on June 9, 2008 to him in presence of our dealer network.

Thanks AppliTek partners for your continued efforts in making our analyzers popular globally, and thanks Marc & Kamagurka for having granted us a sneak preview of your new artistic workshop.

All luck to all of you.

David Laurier


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