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E-Z-Raman® On-line Raman Analyzer


AppliTek has adopted Raman spectrometry as a powerful tool analyzing a large set of critical parameters in liquids or powders. Raman spectrometry is based on Raman scattering of atoms or molecules, which is directly related to the chemical properties of the sample or sample components.

What are the main advantages of using Raman spectrometry for process applications?
  • No sample pretreatment required for samples containing water
  • No additional chemicals required
  • Short analysis times. Typically 30 s to 3 minutes (GC ~ 11 to 15 minutes)
  • Excellent spectral resolution
  • Remote analysis via fiber-optics (> 200 meters of fibers)
  • Use directly in-line
  • Multiplex capabilities (up to 18 channels/streams)

 The concept design of the E-Z-Raman® On-line Raman Analyzer, including advanced optics and a powerful laser with a high life-time, clearly outperforms comparable analyzer systems with much higher signal losses. On top of that, AppliTek takes care of the complete solution from feasibility to calibration to commissioning.


ATEX conformity

The E-Z-Raman®  technology is Zone 0 certified under the EU ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The process analyzer, control computer and other related electronic components must be located in general purpose zone.

General features

19" rack process Raman analyzer

Superior solid-state Raman technology

Andor CCD camera with TE cooling

Laser: 400 mW frequency-stabilized, standard wavelength 785 nm; superior spectral stability by auto-calibration against Ne source

Backup laser with auto-swap feature

Software: data collection with real-time chemometrics, laser frequency tracking, multi-point neon lamp absolute wavelength calibration, throughput normalization features for model transfer capability.

Communication to DCS: MODBUS, Ethernet, RS232, RS485

Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs.)


Calibration models

Our service is to provide unique calibration models conform with your application. Please inquire with us or check the information in the detailed section:

» Go to  Services / Application - Feasibility

Customers can develop on their own additional calibration models on the Lab Raman Analyzer to directly load into the process analyzer for:

  • Maintaining model integrity
  • Developing additional models
  • Adding new blends, formulas, compounds

 » Go to  Analyzers / Lab Raman Analyzer


Options / Extra

Raman probes combined with long fiber optic cables (up to 1000 m)

18-channel multiplexer (including 1 performance channel)

Usually commissioned as a turnkey solution in function of your specific needs. Please inquire with us on the possibilities.



On-line Raman Analyzer