AppliTek at 6th International CA & Vinyls conference, Bangkok, Thailand

From March 8th – 9th AppliTek will participate to one of the premier conferences of the chlor-alkali industry. AppliTek, specialist manufacturer of analyzer systems for the chemical industry, will organize a seminar on operational safety, specifically on the prevention of explosion incidents in chlorine manufacturing facilities by monitoring hydrogen and nitrogen trichloride generation.During the last decade AppliTek was able to build up a unique expertise in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of dedicated on-line analyzer systems in the chlor-alkali industry, thereby contributing to the industry’s charter “Responsible Care Principle”.AppliTek’s expert team is standby at their booth to answer all your questions and inquiries during the course of the conference.The 6th International Chlor-alkali & Vinyls conference is the annual platform for the world’s chlor-alkali industry, providing insights on current issues and future market outlook. This year’s conference, organized at the Bangkok Convention Center, will handle following topics: ____________________________________________________________________ “

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