AppliTek awarded analyzer project for SOHAR desalination plant in Sohar, Oman

AppliTek has just been awarded a contract covering multiple analyzer systems for one of the biggest desalination plants in Oman. 

The project is one of the biggest of its kind at Al Batinah North Governorate and is expected to meet about 80 per cent of water demand, under the growing urbanisation, tourism and industrial activities in Al Batinah North.

Slated for commercial operation in 2018, the independent water project will produce 250,000 cubic metres of water per day, use reserve osmosis as water purification technology.

“The project will have a role in supporting water security in Oman, in general, and in Al Batinah North, in particular, and will contribute to reducing the cost of water procurement thanks to the enhanced efficiency of the new plant,” said the CEO of Oman Power and Water Procurement. The tender was floated in April 2015. OPWP evaluated bids submitted and awarded the project to the consortium in November 2015, so as to commence the commercial operation by the second quarter of 2018.  (Source:

AppliTek’s CEO, David Laurier, is thrilled to be part of this project, as it sets a new milestone for AppliTek’s legacy in the GCC countries.



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