AppliTek celebrates 29th birthday today March 26, 2014

Nazareth, Belgium March 26, 2014
By David Laurier, CEO, AppliTek NV(R) Chairman Jo Laurier, (L) CEO David Laurier AppliTek Dear founders, stakeholders, employees, and Friends of AppliTekI would like to extend a special word of thanks and gratitude today to the founders of AppliTek, and in particular to the founding father Mr. Jo Laurier and the founding mother Mrs. Annie Laurier Arslyder.Thanks to my fatheräó»s and motheräó»s boldness, courage and vision back in 1985, AppliTek would not have been where it is today.A vibrant company active in 100+ countries, and on the fast track, with new innovations and applications born every week! The future looks absolutely great, with a order portfolio stretching several years.As the President & CEO of AppliTek, I’m particularly proud of my parents Mr. and Mrs. Laurier, and proud of our employees, some of which already work for more than +25 years in our company. I would like to thank them for their confidence in me and my parents.Thank you founding father and mother of AppliTek, thank you employees, thank you to all our stakeholders!Thanks for your inspiration, motivation, dedication and confidence.We are better than ever positioned for the future, but we should not forget that what the future holds for us, depends on what we hold for the future. Hard working ‘todays’ make high-winning ‘tomorrows’…Happy 29th Birthday AppliTek!Member of the Committee
‘International Relations’ of the Belgian Federation of Enterprises__________________________________________ “

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