AppliTek CEO meets Chinese Minister of Environmental Protection

On the picture, from left to right: H.E. Zhang Lijun, David LaurierPicture: Courtesy of Mr. Li Bing On the occasion of a high-level meeting on May 3, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, AppliTek CEO David Laurier exchanged ideas with the Minister of environmental protection of China, H.E. Zhang Lijun. Key points of the economic agenda of the current 12th 5-year plan for National Development were discussed.Mr. Laurier congratulated the minister, in his capacity as a China official, with the remarkable efforts of the People’s Republic in keeping ecology and economy in tight balance. According to Mr. Laurier, China is “one of the few countries where economical progress goes hand in hand with ecological endeavours”, a statement that was highly appreciated by H.E. Zhang Lijun.____________________________________________________________________ “

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