AppliTek launches low range on-line BOD analyzer

AppliTek has expanded its family of on-line water analyzers with a new BOD analyzer, incorporating a novel approach on automatic, on-line measurement of the organic load expressed as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). Applications of the AppliBODŒ¬, the brand name given to the new system, will target on mainly effluent monitoring and surface water monitoring.Until now AppliTek had successfully used its Ra series of water analyzers a.o. for the determination of BOD. Precision respirometry, as used in these analyzers, was proposed as an viable alternative to the conventional BOD5 method by using the respiration rate of the actual activated sludge. This approach was as close to the lab bioassay as can be, but in a way that it could fit into a control strategy for activated sludge plants.Biological oxygen demand is a well-known parameter used in environmental analysis and water treatment works around the world. The traditional laboratory for BOD is a bioassay procedure that measures the oxygen consumed by bacteria from the decomposition of organic matter. Often it is referred to as äóìBOD5äó, by the standard oxidation test period of five days at 20 degrees Celsius, under aerobic conditions.The analytical mainframe of the AppliBODŒ¬ will be based on a solid-state software sensor design generating results through the calculation of a multivariate model based on the measured fluorescence signals, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentration and UV absorbance. Results are rapidly obtained while not affected by environmental changes, such as concentrations of nutrients, water temperature, and pH variations. Tests conducted on wastewater and river water showed fine correlation coefficients of respectively 0.90 and 0.78 between BOD5 data and the predicted values.With the announcement of the all-new AppliBODŒ¬, AppliTek can offer to private companies or local authorities several solutions to the automatic determination of BOD, either for wastewater or natural waters. Customers are now free to choose from several technologies from one single manufacturer, in accordance to their needs or budgets.More info on this development will follow soon.________________________________________________ “

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