AppliTek reduces chemical footprint in Kraft paper mills

AppliTek, specialist manufacturer of on-line analyzers, has launched today new applications tailored to the needs of the pulp and paper industry. Embedded in several process industries, AppliTek has the expertise to provide pulp and paper manufacturers the necessary tools to significantly reduce give-aways, in order to achieve their competitive edge in a rapidly changing and economically charged sector.Kraft paper mills use large amounts of strong alkaline pulping solutions that are continuously spent and recovered during manufacturing. Efficient operation and consistent quality specifications depend largely on tight control of the milläó»s recovery lines and causticizing degree. Debottlenecking and stabilizing the causticizing process starts with process transparency.AppliTekäó»s newly developed UPAŒ¬ automatic (on-line) titration system is built specifically for causticizing processes, enabling operators to monitor simultaneously all critical alkaline parameters. The system is a major improvement fitting in a process control strategy for debottlenecking and stabilizing the causticizing process, while keeping conformity with conventional industry-standard tests. In addition to the actual papermaking process, paper and pulp mills also operate their own boilers for producing steam and electricity to the plant. Managing the water and steam cycle in large-scale boiler feed water systems is influenced by many different variables, affecting the total system performance. Real-time data on water parameters such as ammonia, hydrazine or sodium is critical and can be provided by AppliTek on-line analyzers.For more information, please go to Industries & Utilities/Pulp and paperAppliTek is a specialist manufacturer of on-line analyzers for environmental and industrial applications. AppliTekäó»s analytical solutions can be found in various sectors, including manufacturing industries and utilities. Currently AppliTek is present in 100+ countries, more specifically in the Europe region (domestic market), the Americas, the Middle East and the APAC region, with local hubs for overnight dispatch of parts and local support.Customers worldwide can also benefit from AppliTekäó»s complementary solutions and services in analytical technology. Dedicated teams of specialists and engineers are at service for customers in the process industry and provide the key to enhanced process control, reduced give-aways and environmental compliance. Visit for more information.___________________________________________________ “

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