AppliTek wins order at oil rig in Pacific Rim

AppliTek has secured an order for analyzer systems that will be deployed in the sulphate removal systems on oil rigs. These systems work through the injection of water into the reservoir to increase oil recovery by maintaining the pressure and to move displaced oil towards the production wells. 

AppliTek will deploy its Sulphate analyzer (Explosion proof verison) to control the outlet of the offshore SRP plant (sulphate removal plant).
Sulphate in seawater is removed by nanofiltration prior to injection in oilfield reservoir formation water , containing significant levels  of  Sr and Ba , if not removed Sr and Ba sulphate scaling will reduce reservoir permeability and can be deposited in production pipe internals
Ba and Sr sulphate deposits are very difficult to remove as they cannot be easily dissolved.
AppliTek is proud to have won another other project on an oil rig.