Australian brewery group based in Sydney selects AppliTek beer bitterness analyzer

Sydney, Australia based brewery group has chosen our beer bitterness analyzer IbuLyzer®, shortly after the TOP 3 beer player world-wide decided to cooperate with our company on a world-wide scale with regard to deploying our IbuLyzer® in their breweries world-wide. The brewery is brewing about 20 different kinds of beer, ranging from lager to pale ale, even “low-carb” beers.

The IBULyzer® is a cost-effective analyzer that was developed to automate the manual iso-octane extraction method for bitterness tests on a large number of sampling points. The beer analyzer complements internal brewery quality control procedures allowing to brew each time that same unique beer, yet with tight control over the IBU values.

At the same time, the IBULyzer® is an alternative to highly selective liquid chromatography methods for determination of bitterness units. The automatic analysis system harnesses technology from AppliTek’s product family of process colorimeters, with fast results that are displayed either on the analyzer display or accessible by desktop PC or mobile device.

With a huge variation in bitterness compounds and perceived differences in bitterness taste, beer bitterness tests have become an essential part of the quality control procedures in commercial beer production. The predominant source of bitterness in beer are the iso-α acids, derived from α-acids which are present in the flowers of the female hop plant. Contrary to highly selective methods such as HPLC, the manual iso-octane extraction method is of relative simplicity and still widely used to determine the IBU.

Thank you for your confidence in AppliTek and its analyzers! Soon our Australian friends and yobbo’s 😉 will enjoy their beers, “certified” by a beer analyzer developed and build in Belgium, pre-eminently the beer country ?.