CCTV (China Central Television) and China Daily visit AppliTek headquarters

China’s predominant state television broadcaster CCTV and China Daily newspaper reporters have visited AppliTek to interview our CEO David Laurier about AppliTek, about the challenges of doing business globally, about the enviromental policy in China compared to Europe, etc.Thank you CCTV & China Daily for your interest in our company.About CCTV:CCTV produces its own news broadcasts three times a day and is the country’s most powerful and prolific television program producer. Its thirty-minute evening news, Xinwen Lianbo goes on air daily at 7:00 pm Beijing time. All local stations are carrying CCTV’s news broadcast. China’s television audience rose to 1.2 billion.About China DailyThe China Daily (_Ù_ë___ãÇ__Ç) is an English language daily newspaper published in the People’s Republic of China. China Daily was established in 1981 and has the widest print circulation (over 500,000 copies per issue, of which a third is abroad) of any English-language newspaper in China. The editorial office is in Beijing. The newspaper has branch offices in most major cities of China as well as several major foreign cities including New York City, Washington DC and London. The newspaper is published by satellite in the USA, Hong Kong & Europe. It is regarded as the English-language “window into China”.Check CCTV and China Daily for the interview.
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