Congratulations to the new General Secretary of the CPC, Mr. Xi Jinping

àëèۍǝ‚___¾è•ë__ë_–_—__Ù__Ù_ëı_Ù_ë_Â_—Ž___Âç´_‘Ç_Üè_Ù_ë______ç•ë“å__ç_ٗ_Ž£_¢æëÀ_____ÜëÙ__¢æ_Ù ´_‘è__ٗ__Ǐµç됕_£_…‘__†—ä__•_ŽŒ__“_Ù__À”ë_©_ã__Ž___ _À_蝍_•_µ Â_ë_öë___—¾_ÜëČëÙ´_‘_Üèâ_ë___Ù__Ù_ë______ç•ë___“´_‘ë“å_À_è____Ù__Ù_ëı됑ë_éë__´_‘ëæë_____Ž©´_Our CEO David Laurier would like to exetend his heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Xi Jinping who was elected as the CPC – Central Committee General Secretary, we wish the Chinese people are moving towards greater prosperity under the leadership of the new generation of leaders.As a Belgian company engaged in the manufactururing of environmental monitoring equipment, we would like to endeavor to cooperate with the Chinese people, make joint efforts in the environmental protection industry, and create greater success!__________________________________________”

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