Congratulations to Tokyo for winning the honor of hosting the Olympic Games 2020

Picture courtesy of AFP

On behalf of the board of Directors of AppliTek and all AppliTek employees, I would like to congratulate Tokyo & the Japanese nation for winning the honor of hosting the greatest sports event in the world, the Summer Olympic Games 2020.
As an important friend of our company, we have come to known the great qualities of the Japanese people and Iäó»m sure that Tokyo and the Japanese nation will put on a fantastic event.For AppliTek, the Olympic Games have always got a special meaning, since the President of the Olympic Committee Dr. Jacques Rogge is a citizen of the city where AppliTek was founded in 1985.Staging the Olympic & Paralympic games is a great privilege that releases platinum opportunities for Tokyo and Japan.Congratulations again, we -all- at AppliTek look forward to continue our long lasting relationship with your country.All the best,David Laurier
CEO AppliTek
Commissioner Comm. International Relations –
Federation of Belgian Enterprises______________________________________________________ “

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