Minister of Chinese Mission to EU Zhang Lirong visits AppliTek

Nazareth, November 12th 2014 – AppliTek was honoured to host the visit by Mr. Zhang Lirong, Minister and Deputy Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, in a small delegation headed by the board of directors of AppliTek. AppliTek was the first Belgian company to be visited by Mr. Zhang in his capacity of Chinese EU diplomat.

Topics of the event included the importance of cleantech and monitoring technology in the sustainable development of China’s steep economy, and the existing EU-China connections with mutual benefits for both parties. During an informal note to the delegation, Mr. Zhang mentioned the fact that China attaches great importance to growing relations with the European Union.

The event, organized at the AppliTek headquarters in Flanders, was held in witness of the Secretary Of State for Foreign Trade Pieter de Crem. Other important delegates were the mayors of the home city of AppliTek, Danny Claes of Nazareth, and the home city of the Laurier family, Jan Vermeulen of Deinze. The event included a tour at the headquarters showcasting an introduction to AppliTek’s state of the art technology for industrial and environmental purposes.

With the EU remaining China’s largest sources of technology transfer, Mr. Zhang was also impressed with the impact of AppliTek’s technology on one of the vital resources of a country trying to find a balance in economy and ecology. Today, more than 100 monitoring systems assure precise water management of many of China’s rivers and early warning of pollution incidents, natural or man-made.

AppliTek’s breakthrough in China was certainly accelerated by the 12th and more recently the 13th Five-Year Plans. After some isolated sales within the Chinese market, AppliTek realized that the momentum was there to spread its wings and take the China quest serious, even if it jumped a bit late on the bandwagon. Today, about 20 percent of the company’s revenues are generated from sales in the Middle Kingdom.

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