New Year 2017 Message from our CEO of AppliTek, David Laurier

New Year 2017 Message from our CEO of AppliTek, David Laurier

Dear friend of AppliTek,

Happy New Year to you.

2016 has been the greatest year in our history, but 2017 will be absolutely amazing…

2016… They Year of the Monkey in many countries… The monkey brought us surprise after surprise, both fabulous and panic-laden, yes, … the monkey was hyperactive.

The monkey was however enjoying itself in our company, as we have seen a record growth in our company of about 45% (as anticipated in 2015).

Our continuous efforts in R&D and globalization have borne its fruits and made 2016 the best year ever in AppliTek’s history.

Our new products and new application fields have fueled our order pipeline end of 2016 and will generate growth of about 250% in 2017. Our market channel access strategy has created the vast platform we envisaged. Major disruptive innovations to our product portfolio have found their way to the market.

It is again noteworthy to mention that AppliTek were re-certified ISO9001-2015 in November 2016 for another 2 years. As I mentioned in 2015, we probably were the first company in the world to have acquired this brand new version of the ISO9001 quality certification program…

Our 2017 outlook, order pipeline and forecast is quite stunning and we are expecting double or even triple growth figures in 2017.

We would like to thank hereby all our stakeholders for their motivation, dedication and confidence in AppliTek.

We all at AppliTek wish you all a 2017 full of joy, health, happiness and friendship! AppliTek in 2017, more than ever, in business to serve you and in business to exceed your expectations!

We are looking forward to welcome the rooster in 2017.

The year of the rooster… He is alert, ready to take action, the first on the scene, the last to leave, he takes chances, but he is precise, he knows where things belong, he is orderly and fastidious, nothing escapes him, he is always prepared, he never gives up or in, he is the rooster (*), he is …
AppliTek 😉

All the best,

David Laurier, MBA
CEO & Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Member of the Committee ‘International Relations’ of the Belgian Federation of Enterprises

Jo Laurier, MSc MBA
Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors

PS: on the picture, our CEO David Laurier with his favorite buffalo…
(*) : text from a Chinese astrologer
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