Novel sample pretreatment unit for heavy metal analysis

AppliTek launches a unique solution for accurately determining the total metal content in water bodies. The novel pretreatment system, designed as an add-on unit for AppliTekäó»s VPAŒ¬ Series of Voltammetric Process Analyzers, allows to safely and conveniently process incoming samples with concentrated acids and oxidizing agents.Accuracy, precision and stability of results are very critical when monitoring for heavy metal contents in water samples by photometric and electrochemical methods. There are two ground reasons for this, both affecting potentially the analytical performance:The new pretreating digestion unit has been designed specifically for samples with higher organic contents, suspended particles and changing composition. A complete oxidation of organics can be achieved, while suspended particles can also be dissolved completely. When coupled with the VPAŒ¬ Series of Voltammetric Process Analyzers, virtually all types of water streams can truly be analyzed without matrix interferences.The novel pretreatment unit is conform with US EPA Method 200.2 or 200.7 and can be used for measuring Antimony, Bismuth, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Platinum, Silver and Thallium, respectively the total or complexed forms of these.________________________________________________ “

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