Top 3 Dutch brewery group selects AppliTek technology to measure bitterness

For more then three centuries, AppliTek’s most recent customer has been brewing high quality beer.
The family-run company is competing with much larger brands, while keeping its own identity and its concepts. It symbolizes relentless autonomy and a high degree of entrepreneurship, equating tradition with innovation.

The Beer brewer is one of the oldest family-owned companies in the Netherlands. It was founded before 1700, they are exporting to 120 countries, and are the owners of a few Belgian beers as well.

AppliTek is proud that the ibuLyzer (r) on-line bitterness analyzer (bitterheid, amertume, Bitterkeit, 苦味) will be deployed now at several locations of the Dutch brewer.

24/7 the brewing process is monitored to ensure that the bitterness is right on track!