US Manufacturer of base chemicals awards major project to AppliTek

AppliTek, specialist manufacturer of on-line monitoring systems for process control ends, proudly announced last week a substantial new single source contract to supply the main analyzer systems for a grassroot chlorine manufacturing plant in the USA. The monitoring systems will assure safety and efficiency at production level by providing in real-time process data to the management and operators, keeping critical process parameters within tight margins.

The decision in favor of the AppliTek technical proposal came to no surprise. The end customer, a manufacturer of base chemicals and polymers, had already recognized AppliTek as a leading supplier of process analytical equipment. The Purchase department further admitted they were impressed with the performance and dependability of AppliTek products”.

AppliTek also thanks its US based partner for local assistance and technical advice. The new plant will be built adjacent to existing production facilities. Site work is currently underway for this new facility and the project is targeted for start-up in the second half of 2013.

For more information, please contact AppliTek CEO David Laurier.____________________________________________________________________ “

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