Press releases

2016-Aug-18: AppliTek To Join Belgian State Mission to Japan [only Dutch]

2016-Jun-02: AppliTek Selected as Finalist for the 2016 China BlueTech Awards

2015-Oct-19: Severn Trent To Optimize Anaerobic Process Control With AnaSense Technology

2014-Nov-14: Minister of Chinese mission to EU Zhang Lirong visits AppliTek headquarters

2013-July-01: Timely detection of bacterial contamination in drinking water made possible with AppliTek’s latest analytical developments [or Dutch version]

2013-Feb-20: AppliTek reduces chemical footprint in Kraft paper mills

2012-Oct-29: AppliTek adds process transparency and enhanced QC/QA to desalination operations

2012-Jul-03: VOKA awards entrepreneurial award to AppliTek [only Dutch]

2012-Jun-05: Belgian US ambassador Howard Gutman visits AppliTek [only Dutch]

2012-Mar-20: AppliTek wins unique monitoring project for Kazakhstan [only Dutch]

2011-Jun-20: AppliTek’s new analytical solutions to ensure enhanced desalter operation

2010-Dec-01: Database updates for in situ analysis of Wolframite, Tantalite and Cassiterite

2010-Feb-30: AppliTek reveals unique QC/QA monitoring system for determination of Sodium in LPG

2009-Dec-03: New parameters for drinking water and waste water applications

2009-May-07: New range of compact water analyzers harnesses expertise from AppliTek’s industrial projects [or Dutch version]

2009-Jan-28: AppliTek releases new monitoring solution for hydrogen chloride in EDC production

2007-Dec-17: AppliTek awarded a major wastewater monitoring project in Saudi Arabia [only Dutch]

2007-Apri-12: Real-time quality control system for mayonnaise production commissioned [only Dutch]

2003-Oct-29: Anaerobic processes finally controlled with field-proven AnaSense technology