Determination of acidity in vinyl chloride

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    Determination of acidity in vinyl chloride

    Acidity in vinyl chloride can be quantified by measurement of hydrogen chloride (HCl) levels, serving as a quality measure and preventing corrosion of the storage and handling equipment. For this reason it is recommended to monitor and control HCl by means of AppliTek’s UPA™ Universal Process Analyzer technology.

    The UPA™ Universal Process Analyzer is a state of the art multiparameter analyzer mainframe enabling operators to monitor precisely critical process parameters in liquid applications. The mainframe embodies more than 25 years of expertise in analytical chemistry and a legacy of countless applications in various industries. The flexibility and versatility of the mainframe allows, in function of the application and the measuring range, for the most suitable methodology: colorimetric or titrimetric analysis, standard addition by ISE or even a combination of two methodologies.

    Product type: Process analyzers

    Measuring technology: Titration

    Type of application process: Vinyl chloride

    Industries: EDC-VCM