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Series of On-line COD Analyzers

The AppliCOD™ Series of On-line COD Analyzers are built on probably the most advanced and versatile analytical mainframe available for measuring COD values in water, bringing new levels of automation, reliability and performance.
Depending on your local water regulations, your first option is to choose the appropriate standard method:

  • Wet-chemical oxidation by potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7)
  • Wet-chemical oxidation by potassium permanganate (KMnO4)

The second generation of the standard AppliCOD™ is equipped with a new analyzer enclosure consisting of a solid steel back, combined with an ergonomic ABS hinged part. The wet part has been revised for optimal operation and low maintenance:

  • Water-cooled reflux condenser for increased stability
  • Shorter liquid pathways: reagents, cooling, drain
  • Transparent door allows instant 180° visual inspection
  • Reduced environmental footprint (60% weight reduction)

All AppliCOD™ Series share similar high quality components, such as our long-life peristaltic pumps and precision micro pumps, and the same analytical techniques.

Compliance with international standard methods: wet-chemical oxidation conform with ISO 6060 (potassium dichromate method); or ISO 8467 / JIS K0806 (potassium permanganate method)

NEW: introduction of mercury-free method for high chloride applications

Analytical mainframe available in several configurations depending on standard method, measuring ranges and individual requirements

MW model: accelerated sample oxidation by built-in microwave unit (dichromate method only)

Second generation design with small footprint and shorter liquid pathways

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Multiplexing up to eight (8) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
ISO 6060 (Cr method)
ISO 8467 / JIS K0806 (Mn method)

Standard measuring ranges (Cr method)
One single range, factory set:
5 – 100 mg/L O2                   80 – 1,500 mg/L O2
40 – 500 mg/L O2                 100 – 10,000 mg/L O2
60 – 1,000 mg/L O2

Standard measuring ranges (Mn method)
One single range, factory set:
0 – 20 mg/L O2                      0 – 200 mg/L O2

Cycle time
< 130 minutes incl. oxidation of 120 minutes
(Cr method)
< 40 minutes incl. oxidation of 30 minutes
(Cr method, microwave accelerated)
< 40 minutes incl. oxidation of 30 minutes
(Mn method)

Factory calibrated

Product type: Water analyzers

Measuring technology: Titration

Type of application process: Effluent compliance, Sum parameters (water), Waste water

Industries: Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Refining, Water treatment