AppliTrace® Duo

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AppliTrace® Duo

Series of Trace Metal Analyzers

The AppliTrace® Series have been developed for companies and authorities wishing a cost-effective solution for trace metal (heavy metal) monitoring relative to environmental pollution and/or discharge compliance. For many metals the analyzer boasts limits of detection (LOD) in the low ppb to high ppt range, comparing the ASV technique favorably with AAS or ICP analysis. ASV is also insensitive to the typical interference from which colorimetric measurements can suffer.

The add-on pretreatment digestion unit has been designed specifically for samples with higher organic contents, suspended particles and changing composition. The optional digestion unit conforms with US EPA Method 200.2 or 200.7 and processes samples with concentrated acids and oxidizing agents at high temperature.

Compared to the standard AppliTrace®, the Duo mainframe integrates the equivalent of two analyzers. The analyzer consists of two independent, separated analysis trains each with an ASV flowcell and different working electrodes. Please ask your appointed distributor or our Application department for advice.

Duo model: analytical mainframe with double ASV flowcell

Pre-treatment options for complexed forms or higher organic content

Easy operation and simple maintenance

Excellent correlation with standard laboratory methods

Low consumption of sample and reagents

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) after hot acid digestion

Working electrodes (2)
Glassy carbon, gold or bismuth

Cycle time
40 minutes, including digestion

Factory calibrated

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Detection limit
Better than 1 µg/L