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On-line Coliforms Analyzer

The coliLyzer® is a fully automatic on-line analyzer that can be used as an early warning system for detection and measurement of coliform organisms in water. As with all of AppliTek’s water analyzers, the coliLyzer® offers convenient and simplified operation requiring no specialist skills in microbiology or analytical chemistry. Operators can focus on action plans if necessary and protect their water source from immediate threat of waterborne pathogens.

The analysis method of the coliLyzer® is based on two chemicals, ONPG (ortho-nitrophenyl-ß-D-galactopyranoside) and MUG (4-methyl-umbelliferyl-ß-D-glucuronide). These are used in the medium as substrates for two distinct reactions that are specific for total coliforms and E. coli. The simultaneous use of two different substrates is a major breakthrough in the detection and quantification of coliforms since it allows to differentiate between total coliforms and E. coli specifically.

Sampling, analysis and reporting are automatic, which allows fast feedback on the microbial load in the water body. Water samples are taken from a fast loop of or any pipe close by the analyzer, injected in a sterile medium liquid containing the two substrates stored inside the analyzer. The bacteria that are presumably present in the sample are allowed to incubate. The change in color as well as the degree of fluorescence is continuously measured until either a reliable signal or a (programmable) threshold value is detected.

Separate identification of E. coli and total coliforms by means of enzyme ONPG-MUG testing method

Convenient, automatic operation requiring no special analytical chemistry or microbiology skills

Selection of rapid qualitative methods and quantitative methods

Flexible analysis cycles of 24 h up to 1 every 3h

Industry-standard enzyme indicators of coliforms

Incorporated industrial panel PC with AppliTek controller software

Sampling volume
100 mL

Sampling frequency
3 – 24 hours

Analysis cycle
Less than 24 hours
Depending on target pathogen concentration

Measurement range
1 / 100 mL – 10 × 1011 / 100 mL

Detection limit
1 / 100 mL

Incubation temperature
36.5 ° C (coliform bacteria) or 44.5 ° C (fecal coliforms)