Determination of Impurities in Dry Chlorine

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Determination of Impurities in Dry Chlorine

The purpose of determining impurities in dry chlorine (after compression) is a quality control measure to avoid contamination and off-spec product batches. Alternatively, chlorine purity can also be determined by measuring absolute levels of chlorine in dry chlorine, by means of multi-wavelength UV analysis.


The on-line analyzer system uses gas chromatography for monitoring chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen.

Typical measuring ranges

0 – 90 %vol chlorine

0 – 1 %vol hydrogen

0 – 5 %vol oxygen

0 – 2 %vol CO2

0 – 2 %vol nitrogen

Parameters: Chlorine purity

Product type: Process analyzers

Type of application process: Chlorine drying compression

Industries: Chlor-alkali