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On-line Raman Analyzer for LPG Streams

The E-Z-RAMAN® is a stand-alone process analyzer for use in petrochemical and refining operations and sets new standards in real-time process control, improved product QC/QA and overall maintenance needs. AppliTek has adopted Raman spectrometry as a technology capable of analyzing a large set of critical parameters in analysis of complex liquids. Raman spectrometry is based on Raman scattering of atoms or molecules, which is directly related to the chemical properties of the sample or sample components. In practice, Raman spectrometry shows to be far more superior to NIR and a perfectly valuable alternative to gas chromatography.

LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) is basically a crude oil distillate utilized for a wide range of vehicles and heating units. It consists of mainly butane and propane gases, in a mixing ratio according to application and region. Specific advantages of real-time Raman spectrometry in LPG streams are similar to those that we experience in fuel and fuel blending applications:

  • Raman scattering requires no sample preconditioning to eliminate water, so measurement in-line is possible
  • High resolution Raman spectra of gasoline allow the various chemical components to be distinguished and quantified
  • Raman scattering is very different from NIR, yet works in the same spectral region which allows for fiber-optic coupling of Raman probe(s)
  • Many individual Raman probes can be multiplexed to one single instrument, reducing instrument calibration
  • Real-time monitoring gives you instant feedback on the targeted parameters, enhancing overall control and reducing give-aways

Feasible parameters for LPG include: Butane – Propane – Isobutane – Isobutylene – N-Pentane – I-Butane


The E-Z-RAMAN® is also available as a laboratory benchtop analyzer. This unit can be equipped with a flowcell or an autosampler and complements the bigger, on-line analyzer by:

  • Maintaining model integrity
  • Developing additional models
  • Adding new blends, formulas, compounds


On-line Raman analyzer integrated in floor-standing 19″ cabinet, NRTL certified

No sample pretreatment required for samples containing water

Short analysis times. Typically 30 s to 3 minutes (GC ~ 11 to 15 minutes)

Excellent spectral resolution

GRAMS compatible Raman software with automatic calibration and real-time chemometrics

Long fiber optic cables  (up to 350 meter) with in-line Raman probes

Multiplex capabilities (up to 18 channels/streams)

Zone 0 certified under the EU ATEX Directive 94/9/E

Product type: Process analyzers

Measuring technology: Raman

Type of application process: LPG monitoring

Industries: Refining