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Metabisulphite in Depleted Brine

The purpose of the EZ-Brine™ Metabisulphite is to optimize the brine recovery process.


Purifying the brine for use in the membrane reactors for the production of brine is expensive, therefore the used brine is recycled. The recycled brine, however, contains high amounts of chlorine. By adding metabisulphite to the brine, chlorine can be removed. The EZ-Brine™ can be used to control this chlorine removal.

Other configurations

The EZ-Brine™ mainframe is also available in the following configurations: calcium and magnesium in ultrapurified brine, calcium and magnesium in prepurified brine, silica in ultrapurified brine, aluminium in ultrapurified brine, active chlorine in depleted brine, sulphate in depleted brine.

Product type: Process analyzers

Type of application process: Brine recovery

Industries: Chlor-alkali