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On-line Charge Density Analyzer

The EZ-Charge® On-line Charge Density Analyzer is an on-line analyzer built on AppliTek’s advanced titrator mainframe and specifically designed for the purpose of dosing control in chemical separation processes. The result output of the on-line analyzer can be compared against a specific setpoint, if necessary with alarm thresholds, so that the right amount of chemicals can be dosed at the right moment. The EZ-Charge® is a unique way to effectively control the chemical dosing in waste water treatment or surface water intake.

The operational benefits of the EZ-Charge® include:

  • Continuous, automatic monitoring of the separation process
  • Controlling the process setpoint, even under alternating loads and dynamics of the process
  • Less giveaways: consumption of chemicals is reduced compared with fixed (maximum) dosing programs
  • Easy implementation within a dynamic control strategy
  • Outperforms zeta potential & streaming current technology



The separation of water and solids is often applied at sewage treatment plants for reducing costs or for sludge disposal, precleaning of industrial waste water through settling, flotation or filtration. The separation of suspended solids and turbidity can also be found in raw water intake for drinking or process water.

Chemical separation involves the use of coagulants and flocculants, polymeric agents that precipitate suspended solids. Due to the dynamic character of many water treatment works, it is difficult to measure and control the actual optimal dosing of the chemicals. In reality, “optimal” dosing is based on trial and error and is reduced to a fixed dose aimed at maximum load, at the expense of excess chemicals. On-line monitoring is an excellent tool to cope with the dynamic character of water treatment works and provides operators real-time data to take corrective actions when needed.

On-line, automatic measurements of charge density (anionic as well as cationic range)

Individual dilution for compensating ionic strength

Rapid results (10 min) allow true process transparency and control

New: remote access and data communication through secure virtual private network (VPN)

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Multiplexing up to eight (8) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
Polyelectrolytic (colloidal) titration

Charge density (surface charge)

Standard measuring ranges
+400 / -400 µeq/L
Other ranges possible upon request.

Cycle time
8 – 10 minutes

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Detection limit
Better than 1%

Product type: Water analyzers

Measuring technology: Titration

Type of application process: Coagulation, Drinking water, Flocculation, Sludge treatment, Waste water

Industries: Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Water treatment