Interface meters and watercut meters

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Interface meters and watercut meters

AppliTek can provide you the necessary tools in applications where hydrocarbons and aqueous solutions coexist. Water is a recurrent but also an unwanted component in oil exploration and refining. It decreases a.o. the energy content of the finished product and causes corrosion in specific units and pipes.

Our portfolio of detectors monitor in real-time the water content or level in your process unit. Applications include:

  • Optimization of desalters
  • Automatic tank dewatering
  • Waste water treatment

Interface detectors enable the operator to precisely control the interface level in the most difficult applications. The system is made of two basic components: antenna and power supply / signal conditioning circuitry. By measuring the energy absorption of the fluid surrounding the antenna, the interface detector senses the water concentration in an emulsion regardless of fluid density, viscosity, density, temperature, pressure or pH.

Our watercut monitors measure liquid-in-liquid concentrations using a patented microwave technology to measure hydrocarbon/water over the full range of 0-100%, regardless of which liquid is the continuous phase. The system consists of the sensor, which has integral microwave measurement electronics and the Data Analysis System (DAS). The sensor is a flanged spool assembly which houses the microwave transmitting and receiving antennas. The electronics are supplied in an ATEX rated, flameproof enclosure and provide intrinsically safe microwave outputs/inputs to the antennas.

Product type: Meters

Type of application process: Oil-water interface

Industries: Petrochemical, Refining