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On-line Total Nitrogen+Phosphorus Analyzer

The newly developed NIPHO™ On-line Total Nitrogen+Phosphorus Analyzer facilitates rapid, convenient analysis of regulatory sum parameters in effluent, river water and ground water. The water analyzer runs two different analysis cycles for the simultaneous measurement of TN and TP. Proprietary sample oxidation techniques convert all N and P species into NO3 and PO4, yet completely automated and without risks imposed on operators. The industrial panel PC controls all steps of the analysis procedure, including sampling, sample transfer, addition of reagents and data exchange.

Contrary to the traditional design of AppliTek’s colorimeters, the NIPHO™ employs a very compact spectrometer for the measurement of the absorbance of phosphate and nitrate at 630 nm and 220 nm respectively. The new spectrometer combines high thermal stability with low drift, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


On-line, automatic spectrophotometric measurements conform standard methods 4500-NO3 (B) and 4500-P

New compact, high-performance spectrometer

Low temperature wet-chemical oxidation

Compact, cost-effective mainframe with small footprint, short liquid pathways and simple maintenance

New: remote access and data communication through secure virtual private network (VPN)

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Multiplexing up to eight (8) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis methods
Standard method 4500-NO3 (B)
UV spectrophotometric measurement after persulphate destruction in alkaline medium
Standard method 4500-P
Spectrophotometric measurement using ascorbic acid reduction and molybdate color solution after persulphate destruction in acidic medium

Standard measuring ranges
0 – 2 mg/L N
0 – 50 mg/L N with automatic dilution
(threshold  = 5 mg/L Š dilution)
0 – 0.5 mg/L P
0 – 20 mg/L P with automatic dilution
(threshold = 2 mg/L Š dilution)

Cycle time
80 minutes including oxidation of 60 minutes

Factory calibrated

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Detection limit
Better than 0.2 mg/l (range 0 – 5 mg/L)