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On-line Water Analyzer

SulPhos® is an on-line water analyzer providing operators of small to mid scale steam boilers an objective and measurable basis to control and adjust boiler chemistry. Levels of active components of sodium sulphite / metabisulphite and sodium phosphate are monitored in real-time, resulting in reduced risk of failures and a significant reduction in chemicals and costs related to energy and water. The analyzer system eliminates the need for grab samples to measure levels of scavengers and active chemical components and contributes to a properly managed boiler chemistry program.

SulPhos® is supplied as a complete system mounted on a Trespa panel with sample preconditioning tailed to the type of boiler.

Operational advantages

  • Fast, automatic monitoring of critical boiler parameters sulphite (SO3) and phosphate (PO4);
  • Improved protection against scaling and corrosion, the major causes of failure and down-time;
  • Efficiently managed steam boiler allowing to cut back on water, energy and chemicals without cutting back on overall performance;
  • Data from the analyzer and/or sensors can be communicated to a secure web portal or a secure VPN connection to mobile networks

On-line monitoring of critical water parameters

Signals from external sensors (conductivity, temperature) can also be connected and logged

Straight-forward design and compact footprint

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially

Up to three (6) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Parameters: Phosphate, Sulphite

Product type: Process analyzers, Water analyzers

Measuring technology: Colorimetry, Titration

Type of application process: Process water, Steam cycle

Industries: Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper