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On-line Total Phosphorus Analyzer

The unique character of the TOPHO™ On-line Total Phosphorus Analyzer allows operators of industrial and municipal water works to monitor and control in a convenient way the total portion of phosphorous. The analyzer shares similar wet-chemical oxidation techniques that are used for the TONI™ On-line Total Nitrogen Analyzer. It runs a chemical analysis based on standard method 4500-P with ascorbic acid reduction and molybdate color solution after persulphate destruction.

The second generation TOPHO™ marks a dramatic difference with the older model, not only in appearance but also in mainframe and general architecture. Down-scaling the wet-chemical analytical unit was essential in the framework of a global upgrade of the analyzer. Where necessary, wet-chemical components were redesigned for seamless operation:

  • Built-in smart automatic functions
  • Shorter liquid pathways: reagents, cooling, drain
  • Pinch valves outside the cabinet for distribution of cleaning, validation and/or calibration solutions
  • Water-cooled reflux condenser for increased stability
  • Transparent door allows instant 180° visual inspection
  • Reduced environmental footprint (60% weight reduction)


On-line, automatic colorimetric measurements of total P conform standard method 4500-P

Low temperature wet-chemical oxidation

Second generation design with small footprint, shorter liquid pathways and simple maintenance

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Multiplexing up to eight (8) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
Standard method 4500-P
Colorimetric measurement using ascorbic acid reduction and molybdate color solution after persulphate destruction in acidic medium

Standard measuring ranges
One single range, factory set:
0 – 1 mg/L P
0 – 5 mg/L P
0 – 20 mg/L P
Note: higher ranges available by sample dilution

Cycle time
30 minutes including oxidation of 10 minutes
Note: oxidation time can be set to 60 minutes for difficult samples

Factory calibrated

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Detection limit
Better than 5 µg/l (range 0 – 1 mg/L)