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TONI™ Special

Total Ammonia in Brine

The TONI™ “Special” on-line analyzer system has been developed to control nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) formation during the chlorine electrolysis process and thus reduce the risk of explosion incidents by high NCL3 concentrations. Traces of ammonia in brine may lead to formation of NCL3 in chlorine, including several nitrogen species that contribute to total ammonia levels such as monochloramine (NH2Cl) and dichloramine (NHCl2). By monitoring upstream total ammonia, the analyzer system helps controlling the ammonia removal process (chlorination) and protects your process and production assets at the root of the problem.


Manufacturing of chlorine by electrolysis of brine is common practice in the chlor-alkali industry. Side reactions with nitrogen impurities in the salt, however, may lead to the formation of nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) during the electrolysis process. AppliTek’s latest developments in this area have put the finger on the pulse of the root causes of NCl3 generation, which causes considerable safety risks in daily production.

Analysis method
Colorimetric measurement using adapted Berthelot method
Conform with ASTM 4500-NH3 B

Measuring ranges
0 – 2 mg/l NH3
Higher range by sample dilution

Detection limit
≤ 100 μg/l

Cycle time
25 minutes

Parameters: Ammonia, Total ammonia

Product type: Process analyzers

Measuring technology: Colorimetry

Type of application process: Brine preparation

Industries: Chlor-alkali