UPA® EX Universal Process Analyzer

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UPA® EX Universal Process Analyzer

The UPA® EX Universal Process Analyzer is an explosion proof version of our multiparameter UPA® Series designed for monitoring critical process parameters in liquid applications, but as a stand-alone system factory tested to fully meet ATEX or NEC 500 directives. The process analyzer is equipped with an integrated protective stainless steel enclosure controlled by an external purge and pressurization unit, as well as all necessary connections.

The basic mainframe embodies more than 25 years of expertise in analytical chemistry and a legacy of countless applications in various industries. The flexibility and versatility of the mainframe allows, in function of the application and the measuring range, for the most suitable methodology: colorimetric or titrimetric analysis, standard addition by ISE or even a combination of two methodologies.

The solid state drive (SSD) technology of AppliTek’s proprietary controller-database software UPAMATIC® assures stable operation in any kind of industrial environment. Fast data processing and simultaneous control of hardware and peripheral equipment is assured (such as sampling panels or preconditioning). The platform also features a host of functions specifically designed for industrial monitoring needs such as fast data acquisition, industry standard connectivity and various data exchange to supervision possibilities.


  • EnviroLyzer® EX Series of On-line Colorimetric Analyzers
  • TitriLyzer® EX Series of On-line Titrimetric Analyzers

For all other parameters please browse the On-line Analyzers Suite under Products & Solutions.

Standard analytical methods: colorimetry, titration (also Karl Fisher) or ion-selective

Combination of two different methods possible, or two identical analysis trains (e.g. double titration)

Stainless steel ex proof cabinet complying with ATEX or NEC500 directives

Incorporated industrial panel PC (inside) with touch screen and excellent viewing angle

Extended functionality for programming and interfacing

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially

Up to six (6) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial panel PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Please contact us to check the detailed datasheets with analytical data for your specific parameter(s).

Product type: Process analyzers

Measuring technology: Colorimetry, ISE potentiometry, Titration

Type of application process: Cyanide leaching

Industries: Mining, Petrochemical, Refining