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Sulphate in Depleted Brine

The purpose of the EZ-Brine™ Sulphate is to optimize the brine recovery process, and guarantee brine purity for proper membrane operation. ...
Guarantees brine purity to assure proper membrane operation.
Controls the precipitation process to reduce the amount of BaCl2 / BaCO3 dosed.


Active Chlorine in Depleted Brine

The purpose of the EZ-Brine™ Active Chlorine is to optimize the brine recovery process. Background Purifying the brine for use i...


On-line Monitoring of Caustic Scrubbers

AppliTek’s proprietary on-line analyzer system EZ-Caustic™ was developed to monitor and control the scrubber performance by de...
Best Available Technology (BAT) for monitoring and control of caustic wash towers.
On-line, automatic titration of all critical process parameters: NaOH, Na2CO3 and Na2S.

EZ-Autocal™ pH

Ex situ pH Metering

The EZ-AutoCal™ pH assures fully automatic, accurate and reproducible pH measurements in a myriad of liquid applications where operators need to con...
Ex situ measurement: pH is determined outside the process in tightly controlled conditions.
Smart features: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning.


Nitrogen trichloride in Dry Chlorine

The EZ-NCl3™ on-line analyzer system protects chlorine production units from dangerously high nitrogen trichloride concentrations t...
Best Available Technology: reliable and accurate analysis method described by Eurochlor and the Chlorine Institute (Pamphlet 21).
Field proven analytical technology.


Sodium Compounds in Sodium Hypochlorite

The EZ-Bleach™ on-line analyzer system harnesses proprietary AppliTek technology to simultaneously measure the three critical pr...

TONI™ Special

Total Ammonia in Brine

The TONI™ "Special" on-line analyzer system has been developed to control nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) formation during the chlorine electrolysis ...


Hydroxide and Carbonate in Unpurified Brine

The EZ-Clarifier™ on-line analyzer system monitors levels of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) in the pr...
Guarantees brine purity to assure proper membrane operation.
Controls the precipitation process to reduce the amount of soda ash (NaOH / Na2CO3) dosed.


Settling System

Sample preconditioning is not restrained to simply filtration but consists of several techniques to precondition a sample. The EZ-Settler™ is a special ...
Automatic sampling / settling / dilution system with Imhoff type settling cone.
Ideal for saturated or very dirty matrices.

Fast Determination of Hydrogen in Wet Chlorine

The purpose of fast determination of hydrogen in wet chlorine is to set up an early warning system against high hydrogen levels, thereby protecting the chlorine production plant ag...

Field proven technology (up-time > 99.5%).
Fast response (T90 = 30 seconds).