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Anaerobic Control Analyzer

AnaSense™ is an on-line analyzer system designed specifically for monitoring anaerobic digesters, bringing the possibility of implementing ne...
On-line, automatic measurements of volatile fatty acids (VFA), bicarbonate, alkalinity, pH and ammonia in one single run.
Second generation design with less moving parts, simple maintenance and requiring no special analytical skills.


On-line Microbiology Analyzer

The EZ-ATP™ monitors total bacterial and pathogen load in water by measuring portions of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) of any type of bacte...
—Complying with internationally accredited ASTM D4012–81 standard test method.
—Rapid measurement: 10 minutes (including lysis).


On-line Total Nitrogen+Phosphorus Analyzer

The newly developed NIPHO™ On-line Total Nitrogen+Phosphorus Analyzer facilitates rapid, convenient analysis of regulatory su...
On-line, automatic spectrophotometric measurements conform standard methods 4500-NO3 (B) and 4500-P.
New compact, high-performance spectrometer.


Series of On-line COD Analyzers

The AppliCOD™ Series of On-line COD Analyzers are built on probably the most advanced and versatile analytical mainframe available for m...
Compliance with international standard methods: wet-chemical oxidation conform with ISO 6060 (potassium dichromate method); or ISO 8467 / JIS K0806 (potassium permanganate method).
NEW: introduction of mercury-free method for high chloride applications.


Series of On-line TOC Analyzers

Total Organic Carbon analysis has been classified as a non-specific analysis method to determine the organic load in water. Its inherent a...
Analytical mainframe can be configured to Total Organic Carbon, True Total Organic Carbon or, Total Inorganic Carbon or Total Carbon.
Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially.