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Series of On-line Titrimetric Analyzers

Titration involves determining the analyte(s) of interest by the addition of accurately known volumes of standardized titrant to a...
Flexibility in titration methodology.
Straight-forward design, single methodology, single parameter, factory set measuring range.

UPA® Universal Process Analyzer

The UPA® Universal Process Analyzer is a state of the art multiparameter analyzer mainframe enabling operators to monitor precisely critical process parameters in liquid applicati...

Standard analytical methods: colorimetry, titration (also Karl Fisher) or ion-selective.
Combination of two different methods possible, or two identical analysis trains (e.g. double titration).

EZ-Autocal® pH

Ex situ pH Metering

The EZ-AutoCal® pH assures fully automatic, accurate and reproducible pH measurements in a myriad of liquid applications where operators need to cond...
Ex situ measurement: pH is determined outside the process in tightly controlled conditions.
Smart features: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning.